The Differences between the two Mona Lisas

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A British art connoisseur, known primarily for his interest in Old Masters and modern French art, had stumbled on a portrait that looked like the Mona Lisa but differed from that painting in several significant ways. For one, the lady in the newly discovered version—for lack of a better term it was referred to as the Isleworth portrait—had certain attributes which the Louvre portrait missed, including a set of columns on either side of the sitter, exactly as shown in Raphael’s 1504 drawing. And whereas the lady’s position was very similar to the Louvre painting, the sitter was obviously much younger, much livelier than her Paris counterpart. Lastly, the background was not at all like the one shown in the Louvre version; even to uneducated eyes, it was clear that this part of the painting was unfinished.





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